Saturday, February 13, 2010


ok, for the record.. until i start SWIMMING in free-time, you'll probably find a lot more of other people's stuff on my blog than my own.

we all need inspiring ideas, right?



sOOoo.... here's one that's sure to make you wanna go green.. or at least partially. heh heh.


reuse the millions of embarrassing shopping bags you have into long-lasting ones..

we're always promised what? 2 ¢ per bag, right?? this way we're sure to bring them.. and get our 2¢ worth. as well as give it. =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new blog discovery..

check it out! *blog*

an awesome interior decorating um.. person. =)

sneak peek..

a lil' birdie told me..

that i need a little "nina plate..."

i'm pretty sure that lil' birdie was right. i just have to find one.. or i guess make one??

upon a closer look, i discover that whatever makes a "nina plate" a "nina plate" has a mixture of modern with vintage. at least that's what it looks like to me.

i'm still sure that i need one. =)


i thought THIS was pretty neat.. look at these old skool rides.. i remember thinkin' that my family members who had these were sOOooo cool! ha!

i would still roll out in a VW bus!! those things are awesome! the older.. the better! ;-)

Monday, February 8, 2010


ok.. sO, i just looked at my most recent posts and they look kinda blah!! i'm pretty disturbed.

sO.. i decided to throw in something beautiful for you to look at!


i've been eyeing this store JUST SCANDINAVIAN for a LONG time.

even from the window you can see that the designers have SUCH wonderfully passionate eyes for color!! sOoo.. i REALLY want this sofa. i'm not kidding.

i want it. bad. it has NO price. you know what that means. LOL

color is amaZing. it wakes you up when you're sleepy. it makes you look forward to getting dressed. it makes you feel HAPPY.

anyway.. i hope these images give you a lil' taste of what i mean! ;-)

are we crafting too much??

if you read this bar graph from RIGHT to left, i think you'll find the numbers to be quite impressively scary.

something is definitely wrong with Americans when we put a higher price on printer ink than human blood..

i don't think i need to say anything else. O_o