Saturday, October 1, 2011

how do YOU spell relief??

sorry.. yesterday i got home too late to write. but i come to you now bearing GOOD news!!

my cheek is free!!  ^.^ (read thursday's post for details..)

i decided to do a photo blog post to walk you thru my outing.. it was kinda fun...

left me with lots of appreciation for photographers..  heh heh..

if there's one thing i appreciate about the city is that people go out of their way to make every tiny patch of green beautiful..  <3
see what i mean?
you ever seen the movie "stand by me?"  this pic reminds me of that movie sumhow.. "wanna see a dead body?"
as i walked behind these guys lookin' all touristy together, i couldn't help but wonder if they color coordinated on purpose.. 
i think dressin' alike on purpose is nauseating, but these guys made me smile.

.... they both had white hair.. ;) 

not to mention, i've blogged about purses like the one she's carrying!! how insane is that!?  check it out here!
people trying to make it seem like spring time.. with a bunch o' fake flowers mixed in with leaves. 
*tsk tsk tsk*
i'm a BIG fan of mums. they welcome autumn sO warmly. 
i felt like such an awesome photographer after taking this shot.. don'tcha LOVE the shadow & sun beamin' thru..?  
(maybe i'm secretly awesome) lol

i came back to this spot a few hours later... PACKED.. 
people EVERYwhere..
 i also enjoy that about the city.. 

wouldn't you be? them shoes is bootleg. O_o

on broadway or 6th ave.. no gas, though.. lol

well.. i don't know if i'll ever do this again.. it was kinda fun takin' the pics, but honestly, i'm NO photographer..  maybe i should make up stories for each one.. 

oh, & btw.. remember what my FIRST question would be when i arrived at the maxillofacial surgeon (ie., people that jack up yO mouf)??  

WHY is my cheek in my pit??

she had the NERVE to tell me that it wasn't my cheek. O_o

then WHAT was it? lol
it "disappeared" when she took the stitches out.. & NOW i can open my mouth. 

whatever. -_-

tee hee.

oh.. btw.. happy October 1st!  

Thursday, September 29, 2011

another *thankful* thursday!! yay!! ^.^


dunh dunh dunhhhhh...

i get the stitches removed from my *ahem* pit of despair where my good 'ol wisdom toof used to be.

i'm thankful!

u know why?  cuz since i had the wisdom tooth extracted last week, the stitches have left me with a weird discomfort.

u know why?  cuz my CHEEK is stitched to my GUM where my TOOF used to be. (read last week's thankful thursday post for THAT story)


sweetest half grand ever spent. lol..

just kidding.  O______o

anyway, i googled it.. & apparently, this is a NORMAL fail procedure.. LOTS of people complain of it..
honestly, i don't know.. maybe it REALLY is standard procedure.  everyone has guesses of the reasons WHY their moufes iz jacked up, yet from what I can tell, no one bothered to ask their dear ol' maxillofacial surgeon. lol...  those are fancy words for *the person who jacked up my mouf*

sOoo.. u know what MY *first* question will be tomorrow to the person who jacked up MY mouf at NYU?

WHY is my cheek stuck to my tooth pit??

*somebody* better have a GOOD reason. O_o or i'll probably start crying. 

& guess what?  i'll post the response, cuz i've had a few days of terror when i look at that area in the mirror since the swelling went down.

can't wait to see if i have *permanent* cheek in my toof pit.
this is eXciTingg!!  ^.^

just kidding.. 
well, at least my mouf doesn't look like this, right?  O_o right?

honestly, i've learned a VERY valuable lesson of forgiveness thru all of this..


forgive your momma, forgive yO daddy, & forgive yO maxillofacial surgeon for jackin' up yO mouf.

it's in the Bible..

i'm thankful..  <3
photo credit here.. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

halloween is coming..

i can't help but wonder how you guys feel.. i watched a couple of vids on youtube to help me make sense of the whole "halloween hype."  here's one of 'em..

what are YOUR thoughts??

  • it depends on *how* Christian you are.
  • who cares? do what you feel!
  • NO WAY!
  • absOLuteLy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i just watched this..

it's a lil' funky viewed on my blog, sOoo  if u find yourself riveted, i'd suggest you click on the link.. ;)

Monday, September 26, 2011

gotta be in a good mood...

if not, i become a grumbler.

ewwww..  O_____o

people don't like being around pain in the butts grumblers.

it's annoying. (and to think i was about to *go* there)

even Jesus doesn't like when people complain.. (Phil. 2:14 do EVERYthing without complaining/grumbling/murmuring..) 

sometimes, i just can't think of anything to write about.. then i stumble over sumthin' that basically sums up what i'd like to say but dare not cuz if i say it then i'd become a part of the masses of people that people complain about who are pain in the butts grumblers.

heh heh..  (that was on purpose)

anyway.. i found this..

I am numb--this blog is numb.
I think I'm done.
I don't have anything positive to say lately.  I don't take the time to really put together well thought out posts either.  I'm starting to not care and no one really reads it anyway.  I think it's time to let this blog go.
See ya somewhere else! 
(grumbler's credit.. not that grumblers want credit for grumbling.. but OH WELL.. shoulda thought about that BEFORE you typed. lol)

then i was like..


why is that girl buggin' out like that?  doesn't she know there's a reason to keep going?
not that i don't understand how she's feeling, but come onnnnn... 

pull yOself together, chicKLet!!

i'm talking to her AND myself..
READERS are worth my time. i like to share my thoughts (whether silly or slightly normal) with YOU!

but WHY
cuz, i said so. 


sO, i decided to write a rhybloem. (rhyming blog-poem, get it??  nevermind.. lol)

Readers make me all happy self
Followers make me all joyful elf
I type & doodle & google, too..
Don't even think for a minute that i do this all for you..
but you do help me to keep going... ;)

so, thanks. :)

that's me.. when i'm all happy self. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the littlest birds...

sing the prettiest songs..

i <3 this song..


happy sunday.. <3