Thursday, September 30, 2010

new recipe book..

cute, huh?

i have lots of recipes that i'm attracted to.. that i'd like to make & haven't yet tried, cuz their on lil' scraps of paper tucked away in my cupboard.

BUT.. if i had this lil' recipe nook book, i'm sure i'd be alright.


dancing in the minefields..

new video... i tell my single friends that marriage is not all rosy, unless of course you include the thorns..

but the rosy parts can be VERY flowery indeed.. marriage is quite enjoyable.

sO, here's a sweet song.. to echo that thought. ;-)




yea.. i have two new stressful undertakings to add to my already sO busy life.

two NEW dresses for friends.. one is back for a second go-round! i'm happy about them, but realizing with my schedule that i'm craZy for saying yes.

i look forward to working on projects like these, though..
cutest lil' animillows! (i made that up..LOL)
a too cute floral purse!
a cute lil' giraffe friend who needs a new photo opp AND some added color.. (but still cute)

it definitely gives me sumthin to aim for. this year it's handmade Christmas gifts again..

i've done some VERY needful de-cluttering & still there's LOTS to be done, but i guess what i'm *trying* to say is that i hafta remember that STRESSED backwards is DESSERTS!!

yup. desserts.

sO, i'm *probably* gunna need a lot to make up for all of the stress goin' on in my life right now.

then i'll have to find out what FAT is backwards.. hee hee. eh heh.

photo credit here.