Saturday, May 1, 2010

the knitty gritty..

i'm always INSPIRED..

if you didn't know any better, you'd probably think i'm like one of the craftiest people in the world, but alas, it's all in my head.. waiting to materialize..

...well, maybe not all of it.. but certainly a LOT.

on another note, can someone PLEASE teach me how to knit?

... i get sO inspired by knitting projects, but i'm a hopeless case if i don't get some real intervention.. and patience. i don't find the actual process of knitting very exciting. LOVE finished projects, though.. & this team of knitters are pretty funny.. goin' all over the globe, knitting stop signs & stuff.. makin' their marks like lil' stray kitties.

heh heh..

cute stuff.

did i ever mention...

that i LOVE baby feet?

i really do.

photo credit.. here.

May First.

happy day.

it's beautiful out.
i think warm weather is staying
this time.

p.s. sorry about photo credit.. i don't remember. :/

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you can aLwaYs blame Dr. Seuss..

we LOVE the book "Green Eggs & Ham.."

i'm sure it's one of my absolute favs by the guy..

sO, the other morning i decided to do the SAME daring thing my kindergarten/first grade teacher did to me..

i made green eggs & ham for my kids.. as we read the book.

the kids were determined NOT to like it.. honestly, i can't blame them. it did look pretty gross.


i'm cracKin' up just remembering how it looked..

yet, they ate it.. 'cuz everybody knows that at the end of the book, that "other guy" decided that he would eat them in a box, and he would eat them with a fox, and he would eat them here or there, in fact... he'd eat them anywhere. sO, they concluded that it must be good.. & it was..

but.. as for ME.. and MY three kids, ONCE is enough. i don't think glycerine and
blue #1 (whatever that is.. O_o) is good for us.

fun experience, anyway. hee hee.

where is COOKIE monster when you need him???

i made THREE DOZEN white chocolate, chocolate cookies..

and i'm the ONLY clown who wants to eat 'em in a household with THREE kids..

they could each have a dozen each.

i ain't gettin' fat. i need to find cookie monster's mailing address..

i don't care how much of a fruit & veggie diet they have that dude on.. HE needs to eat these cookies.

.... & let me know if you want some, too.. LOL

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


if i ever turn into an old lady.. i wanna make quilts that ROCK like theirs!

i kinda wonder if i'm turning into one.

i looked at these quilts last night for a LONG time..

i mean, STUDIED them. such craftsmanship. such artistic expression.

but grandmas made them.. sO, i was sort of embarrassed to post about them.. but then i thought just now, WHO CARES???

one day i'm gonna be old. & i'm gonna want young people to blog about the "cool" stuff that they find on my blog.

and i'm gonna be proud. and post links to the cool blogs that show MY cool stuff..

as i sip tea on my porch.. holdin' hands with the man i've been married to for fifty years.

... ok. maybe i'm goin' too far.


i think i do that a lot.

by the way, nice quilts, Grandma. =)

iPad envy..

not the greatest name for that lil' gadget, but i'm glad that i can play with it every now & then.. if you don't already know, my husband is a tech geek. any latest gadget is an unquestionable "must-have" for him.. meanwhile, i could care less about the stuff..

sOo, when he brought home the coveted iPad, i was like, "okayyyy.. that's nice." UNTIL i used the thing!

& i don't get to play with it too often... but last night i did a quick five minute doodle.. WITH MY FINGER!! what in the world.

makes you never wanna use a pencil/paintbrush/marker/stylus again!

i'm sort of addicted. =D

by the way.. the colors are WAY more vibrant in "real life.." fun.

Monday, April 26, 2010

mission accomplished... well.. sort of.

i finished the latest projects, but to be totally honest with you, i'm not completely thrilled with the outcome.

i made a couple of dresses. my first completed sewing projects in TEN years..

(did i just say TEN years???)


yea.. sO, anyway, i looked at some pics from the event that these dresses debuted & my emotions were nothing less than bitter/sweet.. i did not attend this event. i simply saw pics.. some encouraging to me... others that left me a bit overwhelmed with anxiety..

what's a designer to do??

i got ALL bent out of shape.. i mean really. i felt pretty frustrated. and treated unfairly.

no longer am i venting my laments, but singing the praises that come from lessons learned.


it's been TEN years, Tosha!! ...that's my first song of rejoicing.
*i actually mustered the courage AND audacity to pick it up again after sO many years untouched..*

~tidbit of info well worth noting.. thanx, Isi!


i'm challenged to *make* more garments.. things that people will actually choose to wear in public.. (sort of exciting)


i'm not giving up! Pastor Ben Crandall challenges us to take this encouragement VERY seriously.. specifically about walking with the Lord, but i'm sure it's applicable to this situation as well..

sO.. i'm starting NEW projects.. gunna attempt to complete half-done ones.. and be hopeful!

and.. if all else fails, i can chronicle it ALL here with you.. my friends! .. and draw lil' birdies.

heh heh.. wish me luck! =)