Wednesday, July 28, 2010


or those WAY COOL hair wraps that i always wanted & was never brave enough to get??

i say *both*

YEAH, homie!


color is VERY exciting, no?

i'm gunna try to do a hair wrap. and some necklaces.

and look like a nice lil' bohemian girl.



ok... sOoo.. this post is NOT really about the pillows. it's the COLOR!!

am i on some kind of a *high*??


u hafta admit, the pic as a whole rocks. look at those glass bottles. perfectly paired with awesomely funky throw pillows. and the rug, too.. just when u thought u had seen enough.

i rest my case.

free people. or freepeople.

i have decided that i seriously need to get an internship at freepeople. i mean, come on!! they're RIGHT in PENNsYLvaNia!!! there's no reason why i shouldn't be able to go & hang out with them.. i LOVE being around fun fabrics.. trims.. and COLOR!!! OMGness.. i'm in love with COLOR.

i truly think i could live in a fabric swatch warehouse making patchwork stuff ALL day.

maybe i'm just a lil' too emotional right now..

free people.. freepeople. however u say it. ROCKs.


images from freepeople blog

Monday, July 26, 2010

i need a job..

'cuz this is aBsOLutELy insane!! =)

it's unbelievable how much space i would have if i just could put ALL of my beds and shelves inside of the wall.. you know what? i'm gunna stop writing.

you GOTTA see this: