Monday, May 9, 2011

a love nest..

i am a lil' birdie.. i *KNEW* it.

i sure do need one!  this baby is ADORABLE!!  i could dream away in there.. & all my neighbors in the hood would envy me..  heh heh..

i'm not much of a napper, but couldn't you just see yourself snoozin' away in one o' these??

it's aBsOLutELy amaZing.. & you HAVE to see more pics.  honestly. 

no. seriously. take a look..

now all i have to do is find a friggin' tree..  O_o

gosh. <3

Sunday, May 8, 2011

momma's day.. er... weekend.

i must've had the best mother's day ever this weekend!  i was tOtaLLy spoiled!

on friday, i got my biggest & most exciting gift of all.. of course, i'm undeserving.. but i'm enjoying it sOoo much!

meet my djembe!!  ;)

i'm a happy momma!  i'm always tappin' away at stuff.. i didn't realize how much i'd enjoy having a drum until i brought it home!  the sound is superb!  very deep base tones, but the rim makes it sound sorta bongo-ey..  it's sO enjoyable to play!

THEN on Saturday, i got a necklace with matching earrings from my big girl along with lots & lots of hugs!  i'm on a cloud.  ^.^

THEN on Sunday, Pastor Carter must've preached the best message for my heart. & i received a big ol' challenge that will definitely be followed up with some good ol' ACTION.


i got mother's day cards.. more hugs.. a warm, sunshiny day.. and a wonderful family ...
all for FREE!! 

who could ask for anything more!


happy momma's day, friends!  <3