Friday, October 23, 2009


sO. i've ALWAYS wanted to learn to knit.. but so far i haven't found enough patience in me to go about such a tedious venture.. i've learned that u pearl one.. knit one.. i MIGHT know the difference between the two.. but the truth is, i think i enjoy seeing other people's projects!

i have a MILLION hobbies in my head.. i'm what one might call a "jack(y) of all crafts" but master of NONE. sucks. believe me, i know.. ugh.

anyway.. i'd still like to learn ONE day.. in the meantime, i'll enjoy other people's handiwork..


here are some tOtaLLY FUN knitting projects!

check 'em out!

or should i say, "graknitti"? haha!

don't you wanna go knit somebody's gas station..
imagine if this happened completely in
the middle of the night..
WAY better than toilet papering it!! LOL
and YES.. it's ALL knitted..

grandmas might knit sweaters, but cool people knit TREES!! =)
wanna see MORE..? click HERE..

Thursday, October 22, 2009


i LOVE vintage ANYTHING!!

the color palettes from other time periods blow me away!

these were people who were not afraid to make their kitchens lime green & orange ... only to leave for work in a suit that would tOtaLLy match their fridge! =)

sO.. i think this place is such a treasure chest..

.. they have some great finds!

check 'em out.. HERE

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the ODD couple..

SNooP Dog.. and Martha Stewart..

if that won't make you LOL, then i don't know what will!

apparently, Martha decides to invite Snoop Dog onto her show.. WHY?? well.. i have NO idea..

except for the obvious.. they're making mashed potatoes..

and so now, i think that i've seen it ALL..

you wanna see the clip? click HERE.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

is this FOR REAL??

the tiniest house in Brooklyn.... is for sale... check this thing out!

it almost seems CoMPLeTeLy unrealistic... and it is!... in Brooklyn anyway!

still makes for a pretty funny story:

read HERE..

... and of course, being in the city, i'm sure SOMEONE was ready to buy it! ... and call it a GREAT bargain! LOL

look at these pics..

Monday, October 19, 2009

..meeting the needs..

people all over the world are exploited.. working hard & can barely feed their families..

i'm very much an advocate of FAIR trade.. which simply means.. a workman is worth his wages.. (Matthew 10:10b)

in other words.. if "he" works, pay "him" for what "he" does!!

i know of a few awesome websites that assist the needy & downtrodden..

you can go HERE.. HERE.. or here.

These are some items that i thought were totally cool.. from the hunger site.. perhaps they'll make nice Christmas presents??

some really nice "house" ornaments..
and a really sweet birdhouse.. i like it's vintage-y feel.. =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


sO.. i got this issue of Lucky magazine a few weeks ago.. and just before deciding to toss it, i wanted to make sure that i had actually looked at the thing..

and i found this..

the only thing this girl needs.. is an afro! ;-)

i'm pretty sure that i was born in the wrong decade.. i should've been a teenager/young adult in the 60s/70s..

who wouldn't LOVE to have these aWeSoMe argyle tights.. and in EVERY color imaginable??

ok.. maybe it's just me.. maybe i'll get them.. and the dress.. and the turtleneck w/ the cutest button detailing on the sleeves.. ever.

i'm sucha girl! ... anyone wanna donate to my "cause"? LOL.. =)

you can see the whole "article" HERE...