Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quirky lil clock toot..

i needed a new clock... turns out that one of my clocks that had been reading the SAME time forEVER was that way cuz it was BROKE.  haha!  :D

sOoo.. i decided to buy a new one.. but just a cheapie..  it looked *okay* online..


honestly, i could NOT in good conscience put this up.. reminds me of school..

sOo, i decided to go fancy.. cuz, well.. u know me.. lol

i broke out my stash of modpodge, magazine cut outs & a brush & went at it!

i used old Anthropologie & Free People catalogs..
they have awesome texture & prints..

Step 1: remove the clock glass *face thingy* before you begin..

Step 2: paint your lil' magazine papers everywhere!

Step 3: put the face thingy back on before the podge dries completely.. (to make sure you don't jack up  ALL your hard work.. podge dries hard.. you want the paper to give a lil' as you put the face thingy back on)

Step 4: enjoy all your hard work!

okay.. sO, i know we're all different, but i appreciate a lil' bit of quirkiness..
sO, i let the numbers below the podge peek out a lil'
for dimension..
& quirk's sake..

i warn you before you do this one.. modpodge is a LOT like kindergarten glue projects..

i started havin' flashbacks of when i had to peel the *skin-like* layer of glue from my palms..

good times.. good times*...



Lola Alapo said...

Wow, Tosha. Impressive!

tosha said...

Awww!! Thnx bunches, Lola! ^.^

Mod Podge Amy said...

I love this clock funkiness! Great colors!

Kat said...

This is great! Love the colors!


this is awesome :)

tosha said...

thanks, party people!! time for another mod podge experience, i'd say.. ;)

tosha said...
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whyducks said...

I so love this clock!