Friday, January 22, 2010

latest project..

something simple.. but i can finally say that MAYBE, just maybe i'm in a lil' bit of a creative mood again..

my daughter has been wanting a strawberry shortcake (ssc) pillow for
her bed..

she's a die hard ssc fan! LOL

sO.. i made her one last night..

just a lil' something to start getting my creative juices flowing.

i have LOTS of clothes, fabrics, scraps.. that need to be re-purposed into something useful or beautiful (maybe a decoration..)

this pillow is made up of two of my daughter's old shirts, that she didn't care much for.. and an old sheet that i used to make an angel costume out of YEARS ago. LOL..

i'm planning to make LOTS of projects out of old clothing, fabric scraps, etc., stay tuned. ^_^

Thursday, January 21, 2010

reduce, REUSE, recycle.. magazines!!

oh yea.. this is definitely one of those projects that is takin' up some of my brain space! i was talking with a friend today.. she challenged me to make a list of projects that i should create.. while possibly takin' a break from posting about finds.. and begin posting my own goodies..

think i can do it?? i hope so.. still a work in progress over here..


anyway.. this is a pic of the bowls from the inside.. you can get a bit more of a tutorial HERE.. i'm hoping to make a few.. i'd love to make them Pier1 sized like the one below..

Monday, January 18, 2010


i'm really loving the way Raina Kattelson decorated her home! my husband's photography side forbids painting any walls green.. and i DO agree with him.. in pics, people tend to look kinda sick!

but, her paint mixed with the awesome colored vases and vessels on her shelves make the room look amaZing!! i'm all for color! i think my mood is definitely affected depending on the colors that surround me.

don'tcha think bright colors almost SCREAM "cheer up, homie!" =)

you can see more of her awesomeness here..