Monday, November 8, 2010

boldness.. and transparency.

something that we should fight for. there is an absolute dearth of integrity in this world, if you ask me.

& yea, i know u didn't.. LOL..

but i gotta tell ya. i just read THIS article and i'm amaZed at Melody's honesty. yea, so the pain has passed... but the woman has a story to share! and not about some fluffy bunnies either.

she has experienced something that has seemingly left her longing for a sensitivity that she sO needed to experience during her time of trial.

"they" say experience is the best teacher.. WHO is THEY??? well.. anyway, "they're" telling a partial truth.

i pray that we'd ALL learn from this type of situation.. whether by reading Melody's story OR just seeing the NEEDS around us. God is giving me a new sensitivity for people around me.. a burden of sorts. to forget about myself. and think about and PRAY for others.

i know that it's what God wants. what good is a selfish, self-centered bratty girl?


Jesus Christ deserves ALL of the glory in our lil' lives. 'cuz he's bigger. a LOT bigger.