Saturday, December 3, 2011

banana pancakes..

yummmyyyy!!  ^.^

just got in the mood for them, i guess.. & if you haven't had 'em.. you need to!

go to Dojo.. in the village.. yummy.. & if you don't live in the NYC area, when you're visiting on vacation, they're definitely worth a quick visit.. <3

the FOOD.. 

& the song is sOoo awesome.. Jack Johnson is such a thoughtful lyricist.. very sweetly talks about his luv that he shares with his wife.  *nice*

take a listen..

the SONG..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

some craft projects are whack..

in REAL life.

they look all good on the inspirational websites and they don't tell you how annoying the whole process is gonna be.

this is an example of one of those whack projects..

yesterday i mentioned that some craft projects suck.
yea.. it's that SAME one that i started like FIVE days ago..
when i'm workin' on sumthin for that long, i wanna see BIG results. and each day this thing looked the SAME way.


it's not a complicated craft at all.. it's just ANNOYING. i didn't think crafting could be annoying..

this one proved me sOoo wrong.. o_O

that lil' bowl in the center took about FIVE days to make..  o_O
ALL that paper was left & i was DONE.
all you do is cut strips of magazine and wrap them up in a lil' wheel shape..

you know how most times when you start a project you can't WAIT to see the finished result so you work on it day & night?

not this one.. it's boring. lol

BUT.. there is one good side.. it's an eco-friendly craft project.. i saved at least .999999 % of the environment.. o_O


i painted it.. cuz i didn't like the way it looked with all the magazine writing.. it looked junky.

but then it looked lonely to me.. like it needed some shtuff. ;)

i think i need to podge it!  but for the record.. it's definitely NOT gettin' anymore magazine strips!

DON'T try this at home.. it'll drive you nuts. ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

happy belated thanksgiving!!


that's all i got for you.


i've been sOo busy with what seems to be NOTHING. it's incredible. rest is sOo needful!!

sO, i'll run you through my busy weekend..

thursday - we had a GREAT hangout time with all kinds of wonderful people.. i LOVE our thanksgiving day dinners cuz it gives us an *excuse* to hang out with people we wouldn't normally spend time with. we ate a disgustingly hunormous amount of food. (yes, i said hunormous)

friday - rest. LOTS of rest. and crafting. did i ever tell you that some crafting sucks?  (yes, i said sucks.)
oh yea, and leftovers.

saturday - mO rest. mO and mO. felt good, too.. (yes, i said mO) oh yea.. and mO leftovers too..

sunday - rest, then church.. then a muppet movie. lots of GOOOD laffs. i recommend this movie.

best muppet movie. ever.

(yes, i said ever.)

oh yea.. there are STILL leftovers. O_o

i'm grateful, right?  i feel like if i see another piece of ham i'll vomit. but i am grateful. lol

so, yea.. happy belated thanksgiving.. heh hehh..  ;)

"i come in peace pieces..."

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thankful #4027..

i'm very thankful for sleep. i'm tired. long day.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful #37

i'm sOo thankful for a home where there's peace..

yea, we have our difficulties, but there's PEACE here.  God's peace.  & i'm grateful.


important stuff. <3

Monday, November 21, 2011

thankful #9

i'm sOo thankful for sushi.



i will now write a haiku (cuz haikus make everything cooler)

Wet, yummy fishy
You taste sOo good going down
My esophagus. O_o

(u never really realize how many syllables a word has until u start haikuing it)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

thankful #438

i'm thankful for my church.  :)

i've been goin' there for a LONGGG time.. & the consistency of the spoken word is pure awesomeness..

the where & the when..

wanna watch a short video about it?  click HERE!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

thankful # 73

i'm sOooo thankful for my Jesus.

nuff said. ;)

he replaces darkness with LIGHT..  :)

1 John 1:5 God is light. and in Him there is NO darkness at all..  <3

Friday, November 18, 2011

thankful #3780

i'm thankful for aging.

you know, the inevitable wrinkles, stiff joints, hoary head..  all that *fun* stuff.

just kidding.

i'm not gettin' older.  matter of fact, i refuse to.. sOo, today i'm thankful for other sweet reasons.. (which do include another year passing..)

my only girl made me a cake & jewelry.  sOoo sweet.

pretty awesome, huh? her 1st cake EVER. she rocks!  <3
my j-boy #1 made me breakfast AND dinner!!  ^.^

the other j-boys cleaned their room! :D

i'm thoroughly impressed by my peoples.. sO thoughtful!

i went shoppin' yesterday & got some oh sO groovy shoes among other goodies.. 

i'm on a tiny, cute, lil' cloud of happiness.  <3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

thankful #239.. heh heh

i'm thankful for the ability to serve!!

i don't wanna sound weird, sOo let me clarify.

i enjoy cooking.. but not just ANY cooking.. i enjoy experimental cooking for the kind of person who makes eating LOOK enjoyable..

sOo... maybe i should say that i'm thankful for the ability to cook??  o_O


it's not that serious.

ANYway.  i say all that because, my crew swears that i make the BEST omelet ever.

this isn't one of my omelets, but i thought it a decent representation..  ;)

& honestly, i like my omelets, too.. better than any i've ever had in any restaurant..

sOo.. i've decided to include a recipe in this post..



sun-dried tomato (6-8 slices)
half of a small onion
2 cloves of garlic
one brown & serve sausage link (country recipe)
about 6 stems of FRESH cilantro
3 tbsp butter
6 eggs
shredded cheese (cheddar, jack, colby, or mozzarella or a mixture is even better)

chop all of the veggies & sausage very finely.. so you have lots of lil' pieces.
put all chopped ingredients  in a pan with one tbsp of butter.. EXCEPT for the fresh cilantro..
cook on low heat until the aroma has yummied up your kitchen (your onions & garlic should be sorta caramelized)

remove from pan.. set aside.

put eggs in a bowl, beat until all yolk is mixed
take your other 2 tbsp of butter & melt them on a NON-stick skillet on low heat that's at LEAST 12" wide..  a 14" may be better
once the butter is entirely melted & covers the WHOLE pan.. add the beaten eggs.

cook on low/med heat undisturbed.. when you see the sides are solidified, you want to manipulate just a lil' to get rid of ALL of the remaining wetness.. i even make slits in the center to let the wet egg seep in to the cracks.

once it's almost completely done cooking, sprinkle the cooked chopped veggies all over one side. then sprinkle the cilantro all over that SAME side.

add cheese on the SAME side. LOTS. unless you're lactose intolerant or sumthin.. if you ARE lactose intolerant, now would be a good time to think of someone you could give this deliciousness to..


just kidding.. o_O

now, FOLD the empty side onto the side with all the yummy stuff.

cook on low heat/flame for a few minutes to melt the cheeses. try to flip it if you can, but it's not super necessary..

then, eat. ;)

leave a comment to let me know how much you enjoy it if you try it.. believe me, it's sOo *worth* the labor..  ;)

by the way.. this is what you'll look like when you're done eating yO yummy food..

the only difference is you won't be bald.  unless you already are..
ENJOY!!  yummmmmmmmm <3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

thankful #238. (cuz 238 comes after 237)

i'm thankful for my lil' people..

i have three.

they're funny.. creative.. and sweet.  & i like 'em.

this is a pic i took of them in the park.. i didn't even hafta ask them to hold hands..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thankful # 237

sounds better than #1.. lol

friendship that turns into love.. that remains sweeter as the years go by..

that's what j-boy #1 & i have.. <3

if you haven't seen UP, you might want to..
the pic makes more sense if you know the story..

Monday, November 14, 2011

drastic times call for drastic measures..

i'm one of those *too* nice people..

it takes a LOT to get me to flip.. unless it's my j-boy #1 o_O

sOoo.. in times when i need to get my point across and people wanna act up, i'm thinkin' it might be a good idea to just morph on 'em & look like this

i look like this to my j-boy #1 when i'm angry..
i'm pretty sure.

just sayin'...

honestly though.. WHY is it that the people that are the closest to us feel the most of our fire & rage??  when i'm angry, i don't think twice about snappin' at my crew..

you don't start yellin' at people in the supermarket when they bump your cart, do you?  well, sum of y'all do.. i've seen you..  o_O

nevermind.. that's not my point.

& i *think* i kinda have the reason(s) why we treat family like doo doo..

it's cuz they're always around.  i mean, they're the ones who BREATHE your air.. even when you don't feel like sharing it..   AND you know they ain't goin' nowhere..

sO, it's almost like subconsciously we say to ourselves, "Self, now you KNOW he ain't goin' nowhere so you might as well go ahead & cuss him out!" even though you know you don't cuss..


just a lil' thought..  there's peace in my crib, but a picture is worth a thousand words..

or a penny for my thoughts?  or sumthin like that..  ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


oh so long weekend.




  1. Drained of one's physical or mental resources; very tired.
  2. (of resources or reserves) Completely used up.

i need sleep.

i feel how he looks. well, sorta. lol

Thursday, November 10, 2011


i think about creativity & i get a lil' scared.. this guy clears up the reason WHY..

**BONUS**  a good laugh.  =)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

phunny photo..

sorry.. i'm a lil' bummed right now..

nothin' to really write about.

but a pic is worth a thousand words, right?

okay.. so it's NOT.. but this one is worth a few.

Hardee's does not exist up north. and honestly i think that should change!  they have the BEST burgers ever.  no one has to tell you that. once you have one you'll know..

they're all over the south as far as i'm aware..

in this pic, the guy chooses a SUPER-sized soda instead of a burger.


bad choice.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

feelin' yuck. caught a bug..

not that i wanted to. it was more like one flew in my throat & got stuck there.

i don't like bugs.


BUT.. in the meantime, i found sumthin fun i can do with my only girl..

she LOVES doin' her nails..  i've never really been into the whole manicure thing.

but if this idea works, my manicure attitude may just change..

i think this looks amaZingly purtyy..  <3

and the only way to REALLY find out if it works,
is to try it..  ;)

you can find the details here.. and here..

*UPDATE* watch a video on youtube for this or your hands will look JACKED up.  smh.
it's even too embarrassing to post a pic. lol

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quirky lil clock toot..

i needed a new clock... turns out that one of my clocks that had been reading the SAME time forEVER was that way cuz it was BROKE.  haha!  :D

sOoo.. i decided to buy a new one.. but just a cheapie..  it looked *okay* online..


honestly, i could NOT in good conscience put this up.. reminds me of school..

sOo, i decided to go fancy.. cuz, well.. u know me.. lol

i broke out my stash of modpodge, magazine cut outs & a brush & went at it!

i used old Anthropologie & Free People catalogs..
they have awesome texture & prints..

Step 1: remove the clock glass *face thingy* before you begin..

Step 2: paint your lil' magazine papers everywhere!

Step 3: put the face thingy back on before the podge dries completely.. (to make sure you don't jack up  ALL your hard work.. podge dries hard.. you want the paper to give a lil' as you put the face thingy back on)

Step 4: enjoy all your hard work!

okay.. sO, i know we're all different, but i appreciate a lil' bit of quirkiness..
sO, i let the numbers below the podge peek out a lil'
for dimension..
& quirk's sake..

i warn you before you do this one.. modpodge is a LOT like kindergarten glue projects..

i started havin' flashbacks of when i had to peel the *skin-like* layer of glue from my palms..

good times.. good times*...


Thursday, November 3, 2011

christmas cards...

EVERY year or MOST every year, i make my Christmas cards..

it's fun.. AND i enjoy the personal touch that it adds.

i'd LOVE to receive handmade ANYthing, sOo.. why not give handmade, right?


anyway..  i've been told by people for years that i should *publish* a line of handmade greeting cards..


honestly, the idea intimidates me as well as makes me mentally constipated..

i can't think of a good idea to save my life!

not good.

but, i've been doodlin' a lil' bit here & there and i thought i'd share a quick lil' doodle with you..

another lil' birdie..  ;)
should i color my doodles??
i sure could use some input..
i'd love some feedback.. should i make greeting cards???

leave me a comment..  let. me. knowwwww..   <3

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


they get in the WAY sOoo often.

sumtimes, i wish i was a robot.  o_O

but, i'm NOT...

feelin' all poopie today 4 no apparent reason. 

being a girl is weird. lol..

makes me doodle, though..

i think i'd rather be on the merry-go-round.. o_O
come on.. you know sumtimes you end up havin' days where you feel the SAME way.

...right?  o__O

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

pirate OR ninja??

okay.. sO, we don't celebrate halloween..

no need to.

anyway, my j-boy #3 LOVES to play dress-up & he HAD to have a ninja costume.. and ANYbody in their right mind knows that halloween stuff sells for what it's REALLY worth the next day or two or three later..

(you get the point)

sOo.. we went costume shoppin' tonight.

at SEVERAL different places, we showed up & all they had were skeletons & jack-o-lantern buckets, so we ended up at the friendly FAMILY dollar. lol

they had ONE bootleg broke ninja wannabe costume.. and j-boy #3 was ecstatic!!  aren't we lucky..?  the ONLY one in HIS size..  o_O

peep the *church* shoes.. not to mention, the one j-boy got didn't look nearly as nice..
can sumbody say "bootleg"??

now you know if the name of the store is family dollar the clothes are shrinkin' before you even put 'em on... that joint HAD to be a size 2T.  j-boy #3 is a TALL 6 year old.

he didn't care.. he was gone' rock that thing anyway.. HOLES and all.. lol..

then, we decided to encourage him to return it.. (he bought it with his own money)

we went to Kmart a few minutes later & they had the REAL deal ninja costumes!

this stuff is SERIOUS. lol

i showed j-boy online, cuz this was all discovered when we got home... he didn't know how to act..

what baffles me is HOW are u gonna sell this stuff in good conscience?? you know it's flammable.  God forbid i smoked, j-boy would be melted into that thing right now.. & on top of that, falsely advertised.  the one j-boy bought was NOT the same thing in the pic above.. his has an Eddie Munster (remember him?) peak comin' into the forehead..  o_O  AND it was about half the size that it's labeled to be..

shame on you, family dollar. lol i learned my lesson.

tomorrow is returns day.. j-boy can't wait! :D

ninja *update*

kmart is WHACKKKKK!!  they're costumes are bootleg, too!!  the one in the pic was missing the belt for EVERY costume i found. which tells me that they're falsely advertising accessories.. the pic on the packaging had nunchuks.. sO, of course j-boy #3 was lookin' for 'em.. sOoo whack. 

i'm done. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cool pic...

Good for those times when there's nothin' really to write about, but I KNOW you deserve a lil' sumthin..


And in case you had any doubts, YES.. it's a fly. Don't ask me why. I just grabbed it for your viewing pleasure.

Am I thoughtful or what!?

and of course this pic would inspire another whack haiku..

lookin' cute all wet
yet you still so, sO dirty
i never liked flies.

Nevermind... O_o

Friday, October 28, 2011


You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future

i don't know who said it, but there's definitely sum truth in there.  maybe that's why year round our clock says



actually.. i'm probably just a bum & need to get a screwdriver to open up the back & replace the batteries..

but, i can't be worryin' about the future..  


*just kidding*

Thursday, October 27, 2011


it was not my intention to leave you hangin' yesterday if you came by for sum tidbit of sumthin..

Meowy hurt his foot or leg last night.. at around 9pm..

now you may be thinkin', "WHO in the world is Meowy?" 

Meowy is our cat.

when he hurts, apparently i hurt, too.. :(
who knew??
a quite delightful lil' guy who i'm almost completely convinced is human. at least in part.

we don't know what happened to the lil' guy, but all of a sudden he has a limp & he's yellin' a LOT.

i used to be an animal lover. i wanted to be a veterinarian as a lil' girl, but as i got older, that dream got old too..  & dull.. & uninteresting..

NOW that we gotta pay for his doc visit, i'm realizing that i should've stayed with the plan..  


but, nOoo. i had to go & get all fashion-self... 

lame. (especially since that desire got old, too once i saw what the fashion world was really like)

sO.. yea. a lil' bunny cat (he's a hopper) with a seemingly sprained foot/leg..

& i've become sad for him. my heart breaks to see him hurting.

WHY??  WHY you ask.. he's JUST an animal.

i'll tell you why.

cuz it turns out cats are people, too..  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thankful tuesday..

cuz sumtimes thursdays ain't enough.. lol

i dug out all of the kids' winter/fall clothing today..

honestly, this is NOT my house.. but i felt like the pile at my house
 was about the same size as this one..  o_O

TONS of jackets.. a ridiculous amount of stuff for just three lil' people..

but as i'm takin' care of such a tedious chore, i'm reminded that there are children without enough clothes..

children without enough FOOD.. children without enough LOVE..

& then i realize how grateful i should be that i can't see the floor.. i'm not even close to being done finding a home for all of their things & did i mention that out of the humongous piles of abundance, i think i could spot maybe THREE things that i purchased??

THREE things.  o_O

crazy, right??  
i'm sOoo grateful.

i had a rough day. lyrics from a Sara Groves song sum it up best, "woke up on the wrong side of the bed, the wrong side of the room, the WRONG side of the world.."

(just in case you wanna hear it yourself..)  

what a funk..  & sOo.. instead of start writing to you about how much my life sucks, i realize i need to put down sum gratitude on my virtual paper. cuz life is full of lemons.. sour, but with sweetener, they make yummy lemonade.. & full of roses.. that have sum very painful thorns, yet they smell pretty sweet..  & full of stank feet.. that if you just wash 'em, they'll smell ok again..

nevermind. i'm delirious.. lol

God certainly does provide..  & i'm grateful.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Q is for..

quilting!!  ^.^

do i suddenly become an old lady if i have an interest in such unique works of art? one of my friends thinks so.. o_O

i BEG to differ!

i find quilting to be VERY intriguing!

not just anybody can turn a picture into a blanket..  or.. a blanket into a picture.. *heh heh*

& that's what this girl is doin'... and doin' quite well, i might add.. ;)

look how cute!

"God bless the fishes in the deep blue sea" 

sweet lil' birdie.. & you KNOW how i feel about lil' birdies... 

i'm a sucker for bright colors.. i'm seriously thinkin' of giving this type of artistry a try.. i'm impressed..

isn't this one adorable!?  
looks like this just might be my next lil' project.. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

juicin'? NOoo.. smoothin.. ;)

a friend of mine has decided to go on a juicin' kick..

i'll be the first one to tell you that i am sO not interested in juicing. it's not appealing to me at all..

& i may get flack from my friends who are on the juice train, but come on, man..
you're WASTING delicious *veggie meats* for sum juice!???  my momma would cuss you out & she don't even cuss..

lol... JUST kidding.. 

but i'm sure you know what i'm talkin' about..

sO, anyway... one of my closest friends got a juicer & posted a pic of her shopping cart full of bright colored veggies & fruits on facebook & tagged me in the pic cuz she's juicin'..

apparently i'm spoze to be interested..   o_____O

poor girl probably didn't know any better. 


okay.. i admit.. when i hear about the nutritional value, my ears perk up just a lil.. but i ain't wastin' no veggie meats. my momma would kill me.

sOo.. i got inspired. i was eatin' WAY too much carb stuff the other day & i got a lil' creative to get sum veggie meats in me..

here's what i did..

i took the last of a bag of fresh spinach salad (probably about 1/2 cup)
a half a frozen banana (i believe you should ALWAYS have ripe bananas frozen in your freezer)
a handful of frozen raspberries ( i believe you should ALWAYS have a bag of frozen berries in your freezer, too)
a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream
probably about 4 tbsp of orange juice
and a half cup of vanilla soy

i mixed this stuff together in my food processor/blender combo on liquify & it was amaZingggg!!

the result was an awesome smoothie that looked super yuck..  but tasted like *heaven*
(this ain't a pic of it.)

you have NO idea. my kids were grossed out so i FORCED them to try it & then i had to FORCE them to STOP tryin' it! Lol..

the only thing is i wish i would've had more spinach..

can sumbody say BANGIN'??


yummy..  try it. lemme know what you think!

Friday, October 21, 2011

REAL medicine!

if ever a reason to become a doctor, it's to be like this dude..

he's awesome.. & so is his savior! ;)

take a look.. 

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

 ~Jesus Christ

Thursday, October 20, 2011

toot time!!

this is my FIRST ever tutorial!!
how exciting!!  ^.^

i decided to create a wreath... got pretty inspired the last few days lookin' at all these different ones that are available thru crafty folk...

i think it turned out sOoo adorable.. & so, i thought i'd share a lil' toot with you so you could make one, too..  :)

shall we begin??

grab a WIRE hanger.. (if you don't have one, go get sumthin dry-cleaned again..)
stretch out the wire until you've got a nice roundish sumthin..

find a rag or two & cut it into strips.. (i used an old towel..) wrap it around the hanger over & over & over again until you've got the WHOLE thing-a-ma-jigga covered in rags..  lay it flat as you go so the strips don't shift.

you wanna get some fiberfill (the kind that's used for quilting cuz it's a long one piece thingy) cut a strip or two of that about 3 inches wide & wrap that around the strips of rags..
wrap with yarn.. (honestly at this point, i didn't know what i was doin', but this seemed *right* lol)
turns out the yarn will kinda tie the other stuff together..

collect *stuff* to prettify your wreath.. i wanted mine to be made of mostly felt, so that's what i used.. as a base, i chose one color (i found this cheap sweatshirt poly-sumthin to use as the base color & wrapped it inside out so that it would have the same fuzzy texture as my felt decorations)

i discovered that my glue gun was my best friend (who knew?) i cut lil' leaves & flowers out & just played with the pieces until it felt *right*. i added embroidery floss to give it a lil' more

i think it turned out pretty cute.. you? :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

fuzzy leaves..

i discovered these sweet wreath concepts that are very pretty.. thinkin' of makin' one, but it's way more complicated than just choosing one.. turns out i'd like to make sumthin a lil' less perfect..

irregular makes a wreath look a lil' more realistic, no?

sOo.. i went thru the wreaths and grabbed my picks that i thought combined would make the *perfect* door adornment..

leaves! sweet lil' idea.. but they need to be more than one color.. in *my* opinion.. 
sOo.. add pops of color like this one has!
& these flowers in varying sizes would be awesome...

 i'm gonna give it a shot.. wish me well.. this should be fun!  :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

*confession* #327

WHY confession #327, tea?  cuz it sounds cool, right?

confession #1 sounds whack..  like i never had to confess anything until now.. pshhh..  lol


i NEED this stuff *right* now.
i'm not even playin'!
check out this shirt.. if it wasn't for the price tag attached, i'd hafta snatch that one up! :)
(remember.. i'm the girl with the $5 price "rule")
 & of course with the pants.. one word.. *STYLINNNN*

i actually have a blanket with this kind of knitted pattern.. i'm feelin' sOoo tempted right about now.

anyway.. inspiration can only get u so far.. then you either hafta start BUYing or MAKEing..

it's up to you.. me. which gets pretty complicated.. i'm one of those girls who doesn't really care for sewing..  *ick*
i'm tempted to buy some ol' skool patterns, though.. maybe that would make the journey a lil' more exciting.. we'll see..  ;)

*remember* confessions are good for the soul. <3

Saturday, October 15, 2011


there's really nothin' to say..

sOoo.. i found a cute pic.. cuz i'm good at finding cute pics, i guess.. lol

and that's good enough for me..

it ain't mine either.. i just grabbed it from the good ol' WWW..  go figure..

then, i thought maybe i'd share a lil' doodle with u.. cuz sumtimes that can be a fun thing to do, too..

i hope you're enjoying your weekend.. <3