Thursday, July 22, 2010

eye candy?

i think so. :D

but wait!! there's MORE...

the lil' things..

yea.. sO, if u read my last post about enlightenment, passion and all that good stuff, you now KNOW that my joy/passion (wutever u wanna call it) is to work with youth.

Assata asked for a lil' handmade gift... for her birthday.

anyway, i made this lil' box for my cute friend Assata.. one of the junior high girls that i work with.. and she let out a VERY high-pitched squeal!! talk about makin' a girl's day..

i told Nadine that i don't make things for my own gratification, but as i write this, i can't help but wonder if there's a slight bit of joy received when we GIVE from our hearts. needless to say, Assata liked her lil' presents. =)

awakening.. err.. enlightenment??

as if i needed it..?

i guess i did.

today my good friend Nadine & i had our regular convo about what's good craft-wise.. only THIS time, the convo took a VERY necessary turn for good.

i've pondered for YEARS the thought, "why am i sO stuck when it comes to being creative?"

and i'm tellin' u.. it hit me like a BRICK.. a soft brick.

we should not be lookin' for God to bless the work of OUR hands, but instead, we should look for what HE's blessing and work on that! sounds sO simple.. and it IS!!

i felt freedom today in this thought process..

don't get me wrong, i LOVE crafting.. finding a good, fun project to work on is awesome..


there's sumthin' AWESOMER.


this is what ol' man webster says about it..

passion |ˈpa sh ən|noun
an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

.. and when u got it.. you KNOW it!! and that's eXactLy the word to describe my feeling toward working with youth. i've worked as a jr. high youth worker for the past twelve + years.. and it hasn't grown old at all! i LOVE young people. they're wonderfully unique in EVERY way.. they know how to have fun.. they're not "too old" to have fun.. they're not "too young" to take serious matters seriously... they're such balanced people. and they've stolen my heart time and time again. no matter where i go, if i see a junior higher, we automatically "click" ... no work involved. it's like they KNOW. lol.. Jesus did this in my heart! it's not sumthin that i worked up.. it actually is a very "natural" desire. and i think it will be for eternity. ^_^

i wish i could've been honest with myself & stated this a LOT sooner..

this blog MAY just be changed a lil' bit.. cuz i luv young people sO much. =)

thanks, Nadine.. for being a wonderful Christian.. and friend. <3

photo credit here.. titled "the dance of youth"