Thursday, April 1, 2010

when it rains.. it pours..

somehow, my posts tend to relate at times... i did NOT intend on finding another too cute kitty.. matter of fact, if i saw this one, homeless, out in the cold, i would probably take him in, knowing that i'm allergic and would probably die of an asthma attack..

but, he's not mine. although, he SHOULD be. i'm sure of it.

what cuteness..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

funny-faced pets...

my kiddos have been prayin' 4 a fuzzy sumthin' for MONTHS now.. i think it's about time we consider one that looks a lil' sumthin' like one of these.. that way, if they make a mess of the place, at LEAST i'll get a good laugh just from lookin' @ how freakishly funny they are..

the funniest part is.. they don't know that they look sO funny... hee hee..

Monday, March 29, 2010


i've missed this *place* sOOoo much..

i look at you, & i wanna write sO bad.. but my time is very limited at the moment..

i got tired of waiting. it's 12:30am. i REALLY should be in bed.. but i HAFTA write something. my life can't be all about everyone else's needs..

that's the whole reason i started you in the FIRST place. you're sweet. you give me a sense of direction.. even though i don't go very far. i need you.


sO.. yea. i'm writing non-sensical stuff about you as if you're human.. when in reality, u don't even know me.. but i know YOU very well.. =)

sO.. here's a necklace for you.. and a sunny room to display it in.. since you don't have a neck.

thanks for keepin' me company all these months... i'm sure you've missed me, too.