Saturday, April 9, 2011

Six Months To Live...

i listened to this one for a second time today..

profound word.. worth heeding..



If I Had Six Months To Live

Friday, April 8, 2011

a must see..

to see details about what looks like an awesome movie.. click here.

about this guy....>

heh heh..


what a funny lil' man..

his name is Shail Upadhya.. a former UN official for Nepal.
i would've loved to see him during forums.. LOL

you can see more here..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

thankful thursday.. a good day to be back!

it has been sOoo LONG since i've blogged.. that's been mainly because of busy-ness..

i homeschool my kids and the curriculum is VERY involved.. but i have to say that it (the curriculum) is definitely something that i'm thankful for..

this is my fifth year homeschooling.. and i've told people for the past FOUR of the five years of my battles with despairing over this treacherous movement that manages to squeeze the last bit of life out of any mother who would desire to be with their children..

sO, here i am.. five years later..

some say it's perseverance.. some call it crazy.. some think i'm sOo great. HA!

well.. for ONE thing, i have to give the perseverance credit to my honey, j-boy #1!

although i resented him greatly many days AND nights for encouraging me & ignoring my pleas for restoration of sanity (which usually were revealed in the form of tantrums) i'm grateful.

for him. and Sonlight.

before i started using Sonlight curriculum, i spent listless hours with *trying*.. i was burnt out before i could even start the fire!
i didn't know where to begin.. or how.. & i felt like the worst mother for tormenting my kids and myself into this lame excuse of an education.. & yet my kids were still learning.

sheesh. lol..

Sonlight does EVERYthing for you.. except for actually teach. there's a day-to-day, subject-to-subject calendar, so i don't even have to think. LOL... there are fun activities interwoven in your learning that make it come to life..

the other day we played pictionary with our science vocabulary words.. the kids had a blast!

the books that Sonlight has hand-picked for each grade are some of the greatest classics mixed with some good historical fiction & stories with wonderful Christian types and expression.

i LOVE it.
i realized more than anything that school could be enjoyable.

i actually still like my kids. LOL..

i really thought that by the end of the journey i would despise all living creatures that swim in piles of Lego® with high-pitched giggles..

but i don't. i ENJOY them.


it has been a LONG journey. one of which i am happy to say that i desire to endure to the end.. (whenever that is..)

& not begrudgingly either. we look forward to "school" each day. the history, the science, the reading.. & it's FUN.

*gasp* (did i just say that out loud???)

i did.

sO, yea.. i'm thankful. ;)