Tuesday, December 14, 2010

random raves and rants..

i'm sO frugal. it's not funny. seriously. it's not.

hee hee..

i sO *heart* this website. the girl is CRAZY. she spends no money on her creativity. \

she's my idol..

but, wait.. the Bible says don't have idols.. sOoo.. she's my friend.

yea.. that's it.

okayyy.. sO i don't REALLY know her. but she's cool. so, if i refer to her as my friend, that means she has gained my approval. which is sumthin not to be taken lightly!


look at a few of her posts. good stuff.


the tree is done. i don't buy new ornaments. matter of fact, i barely buy anything new.. except for shoes. (used shoes?? EW GROSS..)

sO, i'm thinkin' tonight as i'm decorating the tree..
Q: WHY is it that i have the SAME lights that i had like 7 years ago...?
A: 'cuz it's friggin' *i nvrrr say friggin' btw..* awesomeee!!

Q: WHY is THAT friggin' awesomeee??
A: 'cuz it's friggin' frugal! LOL

WHY am i cracKin' myself up right about now?? LOL

yea, sO the tree is pretty cute. same Christmas stash, new look.. red, gold & good 'ol balsam green. i like her. :)

Q: WHY do people refer to Santa *which is Satan if u switch the letters around* Clause as magical??
A: i have NO idea.. but i went to the mall with my kiddos last week & the dude was holding lil' kids and LYING to them.

i am sO not a santa *satan* subscriber, supporter, or anything else.


because i grew up supporting the liar, i find songs about him quite enjoyable.

Q: does that make me an oxymoron?

A: shutchO mouf.

i can't wait until Christmas. ^.^