Monday, June 28, 2010

something cute..

yea.. sO, i know i'm doin' a pretty lousy job at keepin' you guys interested in my blog..

i have seasons of frustration.. lookin' at my surroundings. remembering that i'm a work in progress.. and so is my house.


needless to say, i found something oh so cute, that i HAFTA share it.. i mean, him.

He has to be what someone imagines their dreamboy to be like.. he's cute. cuddly. and talented.

who wouldn't want a man that could serenade you???


the only problem is he's shorter than you.. (whoever you are.) yes. you. he's shorter, believe me.

and he's a yermit.

don't. ask.

but he IS adorable... and WAS 75 bucks.

not bad.... not bad.