Friday, October 28, 2011


You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future

i don't know who said it, but there's definitely sum truth in there.  maybe that's why year round our clock says



actually.. i'm probably just a bum & need to get a screwdriver to open up the back & replace the batteries..

but, i can't be worryin' about the future..  


*just kidding*

Thursday, October 27, 2011


it was not my intention to leave you hangin' yesterday if you came by for sum tidbit of sumthin..

Meowy hurt his foot or leg last night.. at around 9pm..

now you may be thinkin', "WHO in the world is Meowy?" 

Meowy is our cat.

when he hurts, apparently i hurt, too.. :(
who knew??
a quite delightful lil' guy who i'm almost completely convinced is human. at least in part.

we don't know what happened to the lil' guy, but all of a sudden he has a limp & he's yellin' a LOT.

i used to be an animal lover. i wanted to be a veterinarian as a lil' girl, but as i got older, that dream got old too..  & dull.. & uninteresting..

NOW that we gotta pay for his doc visit, i'm realizing that i should've stayed with the plan..  


but, nOoo. i had to go & get all fashion-self... 

lame. (especially since that desire got old, too once i saw what the fashion world was really like)

sO.. yea. a lil' bunny cat (he's a hopper) with a seemingly sprained foot/leg..

& i've become sad for him. my heart breaks to see him hurting.

WHY??  WHY you ask.. he's JUST an animal.

i'll tell you why.

cuz it turns out cats are people, too..  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thankful tuesday..

cuz sumtimes thursdays ain't enough.. lol

i dug out all of the kids' winter/fall clothing today..

honestly, this is NOT my house.. but i felt like the pile at my house
 was about the same size as this one..  o_O

TONS of jackets.. a ridiculous amount of stuff for just three lil' people..

but as i'm takin' care of such a tedious chore, i'm reminded that there are children without enough clothes..

children without enough FOOD.. children without enough LOVE..

& then i realize how grateful i should be that i can't see the floor.. i'm not even close to being done finding a home for all of their things & did i mention that out of the humongous piles of abundance, i think i could spot maybe THREE things that i purchased??

THREE things.  o_O

crazy, right??  
i'm sOoo grateful.

i had a rough day. lyrics from a Sara Groves song sum it up best, "woke up on the wrong side of the bed, the wrong side of the room, the WRONG side of the world.."

(just in case you wanna hear it yourself..)  

what a funk..  & sOo.. instead of start writing to you about how much my life sucks, i realize i need to put down sum gratitude on my virtual paper. cuz life is full of lemons.. sour, but with sweetener, they make yummy lemonade.. & full of roses.. that have sum very painful thorns, yet they smell pretty sweet..  & full of stank feet.. that if you just wash 'em, they'll smell ok again..

nevermind. i'm delirious.. lol

God certainly does provide..  & i'm grateful.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Q is for..

quilting!!  ^.^

do i suddenly become an old lady if i have an interest in such unique works of art? one of my friends thinks so.. o_O

i BEG to differ!

i find quilting to be VERY intriguing!

not just anybody can turn a picture into a blanket..  or.. a blanket into a picture.. *heh heh*

& that's what this girl is doin'... and doin' quite well, i might add.. ;)

look how cute!

"God bless the fishes in the deep blue sea" 

sweet lil' birdie.. & you KNOW how i feel about lil' birdies... 

i'm a sucker for bright colors.. i'm seriously thinkin' of giving this type of artistry a try.. i'm impressed..

isn't this one adorable!?  
looks like this just might be my next lil' project.. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

juicin'? NOoo.. smoothin.. ;)

a friend of mine has decided to go on a juicin' kick..

i'll be the first one to tell you that i am sO not interested in juicing. it's not appealing to me at all..

& i may get flack from my friends who are on the juice train, but come on, man..
you're WASTING delicious *veggie meats* for sum juice!???  my momma would cuss you out & she don't even cuss..

lol... JUST kidding.. 

but i'm sure you know what i'm talkin' about..

sO, anyway... one of my closest friends got a juicer & posted a pic of her shopping cart full of bright colored veggies & fruits on facebook & tagged me in the pic cuz she's juicin'..

apparently i'm spoze to be interested..   o_____O

poor girl probably didn't know any better. 


okay.. i admit.. when i hear about the nutritional value, my ears perk up just a lil.. but i ain't wastin' no veggie meats. my momma would kill me.

sOo.. i got inspired. i was eatin' WAY too much carb stuff the other day & i got a lil' creative to get sum veggie meats in me..

here's what i did..

i took the last of a bag of fresh spinach salad (probably about 1/2 cup)
a half a frozen banana (i believe you should ALWAYS have ripe bananas frozen in your freezer)
a handful of frozen raspberries ( i believe you should ALWAYS have a bag of frozen berries in your freezer, too)
a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream
probably about 4 tbsp of orange juice
and a half cup of vanilla soy

i mixed this stuff together in my food processor/blender combo on liquify & it was amaZingggg!!

the result was an awesome smoothie that looked super yuck..  but tasted like *heaven*
(this ain't a pic of it.)

you have NO idea. my kids were grossed out so i FORCED them to try it & then i had to FORCE them to STOP tryin' it! Lol..

the only thing is i wish i would've had more spinach..

can sumbody say BANGIN'??


yummy..  try it. lemme know what you think!