Thursday, September 22, 2011

another *thankful* thursday..

i went to the dentist office today.. actually the oral surgeon.


short story LONG..

last Thursday marked about a week's worth of headache & ear pain along with some stuffiness & tenderness to touch on my face, but on wednesday, i noticed a bubble next to my oh so lovely *wisdom* tooth..

wisdom |ˈwizdəm|nounthe quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.
(i dare say, i have *NO* idea why they're called "wisdom" teeth.. you're either WISE or DUMB for havin' 'em!  O_o.. but NOT both)
not feeling very wise for keeping the thing in my mouth for as long as i have, i went to the ER @ NYU school of dentistry *a combination of dentists & students aspiring to a career in dentistry*.
since i made myself a guinea pig, i was the source of LOTS of poking & prodding.. esp. of *said* bubble.
here's an excerpt of the convo goin' on over my mouth:
"wow, what's that.. oh sorry, did that hurt you?" about FIVE different times... with FIVE different STUDENTS.. 
OUCH. & yay. & *fun*
by the time i left the ER, my face was throbbing & i had a headache. 
i was crying. i was annoyed. i was scheduled to have surgery the *next* thurs..
so i thought. lol
i arrived today only to discover that my appointment was scheduled for tomorrow. 
aye yai yai.. 
they were gracious & had doctors available to take care of my *wisdom*.
how sweet.. 
i sit down & the *fun* really begins. there are 2 real doctors & 3 students.. all prepared to have a lil' science experiment in my mouth. 
after a student is given the opportunity to give me drugs, she keeps putting the needle in the wrong spot. 
one doc says to the other doc, you'll hafta dissect it.  i'm thinkin' "DISSECT WHAT" 
but i'm a good guinea pig & i don't say a word..
all of a sudden, after about 5 or 6 needles of good ol' anesthesia, i hear a noise that sounds like a power saw.. WHAT THE WHAT??  
for about 30 minutes.. they're sawing my friggin' tooth in two. 
there's a conversation goin' on during dissection.. JUST LIKE in biology class.. 
"oh, no. i think i damaged the tissue!" "no, you didn't damage the tissue. keep on' SAWIN'!!" 
or something like that..   
i smelled smokin' toofes & swallowed blood often. 
*MORE fun*
they were droppin' pieces of my tooth all over me, cuz *apparently* "aww mannn.. it KEEPS breakinggg!" 
"keep on SAWIN'!"
and "aww mann.. where's that scalpel, oh yea.. check the patient's lap. we keep droppin' instruments on her..." 
i'm gruntin', gaggin' & moanin'.. 
they keep apologizin' & telling' me *almost done* for 1 hour +  (smart group)
in my mind i'm havin serious struggles. i just wanna get up & run with my bloody broken pieces of tooth left danglin' in my mouth. but i know i can't. 
cuz that WOULDN'T be attractive when i laugh. 
they cut my lip. *sorry* they bang my teeth. *sorry* they saw a lil' more cuz that's *FUNN*
then finally, the tooth is out. 
"stitch her up! but make sure as you stitch, you push on the open wound with all of your might!!"
i get up. get out before they decide to do more sawing & head home. 
sO, "WHY in the world is this a *thankful* thursday post," you ask?
cuz i'm *thankful* that it's over. i've learned a VALUABLE lesson in the wisdom of wisdom teeth.
(let the professionals do it. at least they don't talk to their friends step-by-step about how they're jackin' up yO mouf.)

a lil' pic to go with this loverly story..

nothin' like the birdie of wisdom to teach a lil' lesson to guinea pigs.. 

 'cuz don't worry.. one day we'll all look back on this day & laugh. 

ha. ha. 

 i'm thankful. ;)


Suri said...

Oh my goodness!! How funny was this!! Love your writing style!! Is so funny and keeps you entertained until the end... I laughed a LOT. Thank you thank you for sharing my talented friend!!You should write a children's book or series!! I'm serious!

Suri said...

BTW...Keep putting the link on FB..helps me to just click and read!!

Clarissa Morales-Bejarano said...

UGH! I'm so sorry!!! How old were these students??!! 8?!?! Geez!

I had a tooth taken out 5 years ago so I know what this experience is like and how scary it is! Except I did mine with a professional in Mexico. It took 15 mins and cost $20. He even threw in a teeth cleaning.

tosha said...

impressive, Clarissa!! can u pay for my airfare to Mexico? i still have one more to remove.. lol..

& thnx Vee for the compliments! i'm encouraged! ^.^