Saturday, September 24, 2011


still not feeling like myself gives me plenty of doodle-time. (see last thursday's post for details)

i think the *students* took out a bit of my brain with that WISDOM tooth..


i mean, WHY am i feeling groggy? why do i have a constant discomfort in my head & face?  & why is my face looking like sloth from the goonies?
ok.. not really, but it feels like it does.. this is NOT me, by the way..
umm.. cuz i just had a bone cut from my head. apparently, that's the part of my *procedure* that the wonderful dental students forgot to mention.

i am NOT a medical anything. i don't even like to take pills.

i felt pretty sucky this morning only to look in the mirror & find out i look how i feel.


not. attractive.


sOo.. i'm feelin' all desperate like *maybe* they really DID remove sumthin' they weren't 'spoze to.. & WHAT WAS IT??  was it really part of my brain??

i googled. google can be very kind. and patient with people like me.

google basically said, "girlfriend, they cut your bone off yO head. you might be swollen for a LOOOONG time."

thanks a lot, google. 
that's encouraging.


sOo, here i am. feelin' somehow like that piece of my bone that's missin' had some brain attached to it.

honestly, if you felt like i do, you'd probably be thinkin' the SAME thing.

here's a doodle that i did to help ease my mind.. makes me think my subconscious mind is whispering..


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