Friday, October 9, 2009

apple picking..

that was the plan for today.. something about walking through an orchard.. in the cool of an autumn afternoon, to pick apples.. maybe a pumpkin or two.. while taking in beautiful fall foliage..

well, we didn't get to do that today.. in fact, by the time we got out it was too late to do ANYthing..

but our friends had invited us over to hangout.. the wife is a school teacher.. turns out they have this cafeteria that wastes a LOT of food.. sO, instead of tossing it.. they decided to start a sharing thing-a-ma-jig where u take food home.. that's not purchased during the day..

she got APPLES.. enough to feed 5,000!! LOL.. sO.. i "picked" some from her kitchen.. to bring them home.. apple picking at a WHOLE different level.. =D

Apple Orchard

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