Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fun craft stuff!

i found a VERY cool site today..

i LOVE crafting.. i'm not as faithful as i'd like to be.. but i LOVE it!!

i guess the bottom line is making time for stuff you like to do..

sO, maybe i should say "i like crafting".. that sounds sOoo boring..

i REALLY DO love it.. i'll hafta prove it.. someday!

until then, i'll fascinate you with yet another fun find..
Word Bird
(one of the many cute things.. from the site.. don'tcha think these birdies are adorable?)

check this site out.. spotted canary ... they have LOTs of neat ideas, contributed by some creative & artistic crafters.. enjoy! =)


Sumi said...

Hey Tosha.Love this site.Thanks for the link.By the way how do I follow you? Don't see no link on your blog.

tosha said...

hmmm.. good question! i usually follow by clicking "manage" under the follow section of my blog. that's how i added you! ;-)