Monday, November 23, 2009


i've had my own issue with hoarded designs that never "do" anything for anyone but myself, because, i didn't want anyone to "steal" my ideas..

what a joke.

oddly enough, as King Solomon would say, "there's nothing new under the sun"

this, i dare say, is VERY true. most things that i've designed or created, i've found that someone else made it famous or, available.. heh heh..

sO.. i'm pretty proud of this particular "copycat"

the artist himself may not agree, but i think that her "knock-off" is much more enjoyable!

check out the texture of the second pic.. and the actual painting (the first).. colors are much more brilliant, but i like the fact that the copycat used fabric remnants.. i'm all about repurposing fabrics to create new art.. =)

if you wanna see more click HERE.. and here..


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