Sunday, December 6, 2009


it's one of those things that i've ALWAYS wanted to learn how to do... and i'm pretty sure that one day i'll give it a try! ... hopefully one day soon. what with all of this Christmas present making! check out these cute lil' embroidered patches.. i'd LOVE to do stuff like this! i'd probably embroider everything.. =)

my one downfall is that i count the "costs" a bit too much before crafting.. a lot of times i end up discouraging myself before i even begin.. gotta get past that lil' monster called "discouragement"..

i find that we often make "him" a LOT bigger than "he" really is.. as one of my pastors said once.. many years ago, and i paraphrase.. in toshanese.. "just as in using a magnifying glass.. so it is with the things of God.. you put it on the problem.. and it seems a LOT bigger than it really is.."

i have to seek to MAgNiFy Jesus! He's in me.. ready to get my creative "juices" flowing! LOL

(boy am i a lil' long-winded.. heh heh)

btw.. you can see more here..

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