Tuesday, December 1, 2009

handmade wreath!

i would abSoLuTeLy LOVE to make this wreath.. i REALLY wonder if i'll have time to make all of the holiday goodies that i desire to! only time will tell..

there's such an excitement inside of me... i'm really trying to make all or most of my gifts this year, so finding neat ideas here and there to inspire me REALLY keep me motivated..

you can find this wreath project HERE... have fun! =)


Noemi Rivera said...

I really like this Tosha! make me one too!

Clarissa Morales-Bejarano said...

i'm making my wreath as we speak! came to ur page for inspiration... it must be up (w/some Christian msg) before the trick or treat-ers arrive!

tosha said...

Awesome! U made me LOL!! I wanna see it! ;)