Friday, January 22, 2010

latest project..

something simple.. but i can finally say that MAYBE, just maybe i'm in a lil' bit of a creative mood again..

my daughter has been wanting a strawberry shortcake (ssc) pillow for
her bed..

she's a die hard ssc fan! LOL

sO.. i made her one last night..

just a lil' something to start getting my creative juices flowing.

i have LOTS of clothes, fabrics, scraps.. that need to be re-purposed into something useful or beautiful (maybe a decoration..)

this pillow is made up of two of my daughter's old shirts, that she didn't care much for.. and an old sheet that i used to make an angel costume out of YEARS ago. LOL..

i'm planning to make LOTS of projects out of old clothing, fabric scraps, etc., stay tuned. ^_^

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