Monday, January 4, 2010

two funky ones..

the AWESOMEST pencil. ever.

check this one out! i think i've discovered my encourager for 2010.. i need a BIG eraser!! no.. i mean a BIGGG eraser. i foul up all the time, sO, this would be a pretty awesome one for me.. why not be honest with yourself.. by being PREPARED!!

maybe i should start working on the "just add water" model. LOL

this scale is kind of.. *ahem* intriguing.. if you REALLY care about your weight, but if you have friends who think they're fat, you might wanna reconsider.. or they may not be your friends for long.. it's like one time i had a FULL length mirror on my bathroom door.. which FACED the *cough* toilet..
umm... i needed some serious bathroom etiquette! i had a friend who was less than enthused who managed to let me know in the kindest way.. we're still friends. LOL

anyway.. this scale is taking chances.. i think. find out more here and here..

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