Thursday, February 25, 2010


every now and then, i feel like i find something that makes me say to myself, "i think i've seen it ALL"... & i'm sure that's all cliche', but part of me feels that people have WAY too much free time on their hands, sO, they build houses.. out of plastic bottles.

hmm.. O_o

scary. but honestly, interesting..

i hafta say, after further research & examination, this is an aMaZing project.. i'm impressed.

and get this... it's GREEN!! We should ALL be building houses out of plastic bottles..



Christian Art and Design said...

hey Tosha, allison s from MD here!! Love your blog...KIT!

Sumi said...

Tosha..I dig this idea.I am the best person to do this considering how many 2 ltr Coke bottles I have lying around at home.:-)I may be killing myself with all the sugar but at least I will GO GREEN.HEH HEH

tosha said...

love your GREEN-ness, Sumi!! ^_^
i can ONLY imagine what YOUR house will look like when completed. ;-)