Friday, February 5, 2010

i have seen it ALL...

i'm tellin' you.. modpodge is INSANELY magical! most people would've told this woman that she was goin' craZy if she said she was gonna modpodge her shoes.. i don't know what kind of friends she has, but i NEED some real motivators like this!

look at these pics.. i am impressed. sO.. funny enough, before i even created this post, i had my kids with me at the table, cutting out patterns of fun magazine clippings.. something good is bound to happen, i keep telling myself.. ^_^

honestly, when i saw THIS story, i was like come ooooon... MODPODGE.? you gotta be kidding me. you don't decoupage sumthin you're gonna wear on your feet. and NOW... after seeing her cute shoes, i'm convinced that modpodge can transform basically anything..

isn't that SCARY???

girl, don't wear them in the rain is all i have to say. LOL

1 comment:

Tiny said...

My mom has used modpodge to decoarte alot of things. That stuff if Amazing!!! You wanna cover something up modpdge it. Lol I should do my kitchen walls and counter,