Monday, March 29, 2010


i've missed this *place* sOOoo much..

i look at you, & i wanna write sO bad.. but my time is very limited at the moment..

i got tired of waiting. it's 12:30am. i REALLY should be in bed.. but i HAFTA write something. my life can't be all about everyone else's needs..

that's the whole reason i started you in the FIRST place. you're sweet. you give me a sense of direction.. even though i don't go very far. i need you.


sO.. yea. i'm writing non-sensical stuff about you as if you're human.. when in reality, u don't even know me.. but i know YOU very well.. =)

sO.. here's a necklace for you.. and a sunny room to display it in.. since you don't have a neck.

thanks for keepin' me company all these months... i'm sure you've missed me, too.

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