Wednesday, April 14, 2010

makin' stuff..

yea.. sO.. i finaLLy finished one of the projects that's been looming over my head.. with a bit of disappointment..

tosha, please make a note to yourself.. YOU GET what you PAY for..

ugh. i bought a cheap-O serger..

what can i say?? i'm a thrifty woman!! ^_^

i'm not ashamed to admit it until i buy sumthin' that turns out to be cruddy crap.

& so.. yea.. last night, at 11:30ish.. i'm trying to serge the garments and the thing is goin' at a rate of about three inches per minute.. sux.


sO.. i had to use pinking shears. (not my fav).. i'm rambling.

anyway.. i have one more outfit to complete, then off i go to do sumthin' fun for meself & my lil' princess Noah.. i think she'd LOVE to have a homemade mommy sumthin..

but, need i 4get that my lil' modpodge goodie is sittin' in the corner weeping it's eyeballs out 'cuz it doesn't have a home NOR stockings to wear.. still rambling.

i'm gettin' sumwhere, just not sure you'll ever figure it out.. sometimes, it's pretty obvious that my posts are outlets for me to de-JUNK my noggin..


check out these awesome patterns!! i wanna buy a fabric with the print.. and make a lil' skirt. =)

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Tiny said...

LOVE these Tosh