Thursday, May 20, 2010

wallet #1

my hunny & i have been giving chores to the kiddos so that they can earn their own money.. learn how to save.. AND learn how to give.

well.. now that they're rollin' in the dough, they've decided to take some of that cool cash with them on their outings for some goodies..

my hunny allows this. on ONE condition..

that i make wallets pronto.

sO.. without further adieu, here's wallet #1..

handmade with love.. and a little of his own personal touch..

my 2nd j-boy. (cuz i have three of 'em... j-boys, i mean)

he wanted a monster on the front, cuz monsters are cool...

i used an old pair of denim and a few old worn out shirts for the outside.. you can't see from the pic, but his tail wraps around to the back of the wallet. =)

some old pjs for the interior..

yay! :D

nuthin' like completin' a fun project.. *sigh*

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