Thursday, June 10, 2010


i have "inherited" a HUNORMOUS amount of magazines.

yes, i know hunormous is not a word, but ever since J-boy #2 started saying it when he was five, it's stuck..

anyway.. don't distract me..

as i was saying, i have a hunormous amount of magazines.. the thought of getting my fav mag subscriptions for 5 bucks sounded awesome at the time, but when ur in danger of embracing your "inner packrat," all you end up with is more JUNK.

(did i just say junk?) i meant treasures.. *heh heh*

and just as i was having an epiphany regarding throwing them out so that i could become more organized, along comes the EVIL plot against me to create coasters! *gasp*

i was sO NOT lookin' for this.. but, honestly, i cannot resist at LEAST trying this tutorial for coasters as attractive as these..

i'll put up my finished projects.. one of these days.. summer is here and that means i need to put my creativity to work or i'll go crazy with regrets when the season is over..

wish me luck! =)

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