Thursday, January 6, 2011

THANKFUL.. thursday? NOOooo... ;)

i can't believe it! i'm actually POSTing on a THURSDAY!! Yay me!!

is that even POSSIBLE??

yes. ;)

i was *browsing* the creative genius of others when i came across sO many goodies my head was spinning..

(this is when u ask, WHY was your head spinning, Tosha?)

well.. honestly, i realized how much i was missing out on exploring my inner adventurous, creative self.

i LOVE etsy. the place is an amaZing haven of inspiration, exploration, and encouragement..

but u can't just be inspired to explore & get encouraged..

which is what happens to me a lot of times during my creative adventures.

i get my *fix* just by lookin' at what other people have done, admiring THEIR creative geniuses & then feelin' sucky for not tryin' my own hand @ fun stuff..

sO, i went to the etsy blog...

*here's where it gets interesting..*

and i found

such an amaZing article that inspired me to not give up!

i'm encouraged. sO, i made a lil' reminder doodle. :)

cuz u know what..? i'll only get to the WHO and where i wanna be one small step at a time.

*peace* :)


NBG14 said...
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Shelle said...

That me most of the time these days...slow as a turtle! Tosha I didn't know you were on blogspot! I can't believe you have been here all along while I was blogging. I had to stop for a bit though coz my computer crashed!