Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 weeks to go..

i'm officially on week 33 of school..

can you say *exhausted*?

i'm tellin' u.. this is EXACTLY what i look like..

i honestly feel like i have nothing left to give my kids. & they're just as done as i am!

yet... everywhere i turn, every devotional, every scripture, every spiritual message points me back to the most interesting paradox of being a Christian  homeschooling mom..

i'm RIGHT where i'm supposed to be..


enjoy your profound revelations..  :)

oh, & by the way.. i JUST realized as i'm typing that this is one of those good 'ol thankful thursday posts..

*you might be asking*- sO, what are you thankful for, lil' momma? 

only three weeks to go... ;)

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