Monday, September 26, 2011

gotta be in a good mood...

if not, i become a grumbler.

ewwww..  O_____o

people don't like being around pain in the butts grumblers.

it's annoying. (and to think i was about to *go* there)

even Jesus doesn't like when people complain.. (Phil. 2:14 do EVERYthing without complaining/grumbling/murmuring..) 

sometimes, i just can't think of anything to write about.. then i stumble over sumthin' that basically sums up what i'd like to say but dare not cuz if i say it then i'd become a part of the masses of people that people complain about who are pain in the butts grumblers.

heh heh..  (that was on purpose)

anyway.. i found this..

I am numb--this blog is numb.
I think I'm done.
I don't have anything positive to say lately.  I don't take the time to really put together well thought out posts either.  I'm starting to not care and no one really reads it anyway.  I think it's time to let this blog go.
See ya somewhere else! 
(grumbler's credit.. not that grumblers want credit for grumbling.. but OH WELL.. shoulda thought about that BEFORE you typed. lol)

then i was like..


why is that girl buggin' out like that?  doesn't she know there's a reason to keep going?
not that i don't understand how she's feeling, but come onnnnn... 

pull yOself together, chicKLet!!

i'm talking to her AND myself..
READERS are worth my time. i like to share my thoughts (whether silly or slightly normal) with YOU!

but WHY
cuz, i said so. 


sO, i decided to write a rhybloem. (rhyming blog-poem, get it??  nevermind.. lol)

Readers make me all happy self
Followers make me all joyful elf
I type & doodle & google, too..
Don't even think for a minute that i do this all for you..
but you do help me to keep going... ;)

so, thanks. :)

that's me.. when i'm all happy self. 

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