Wednesday, September 14, 2011

haiku for u. *fail*

i came to my blog today for the first time in over a month & realized how much i suck.

i haven't written here in AGES, at least that's how it feels..

and sOo.. i realized why..  a lot of times as a blogger, it's easy to feel like no one is reading.. when you're not keeping count.  O_o

sO, i decided to take a peek @ my stats.. and sure enough, people out there in the blogosphere are willing to take a look @ my lil' piece of the universe.

sOooOo.. i took a moment to write a haiku. this one is dedicated to YOU *dear readers*.

YOu make me happy!
YOu are so, sO nice to me.
why do i keep typing YO?

tee hee.. happy wednesday, you wonderful YOus.  <3

err.. a few corrections. the doodle is NOT to go with this haiku.. it's to go with my luv 4 my blog readers.. heh heh..

& haikus suck. who has time to remember 5, 7, 5???

i do. heh..
so.. i blew it. i typed a 7 syllable line to end the thing.. sOoo. this is actually a FAIKU. 

that's a new kind. *fake* haiku. heh. heh. 

GET it?? ... nevermind. -__-

here's another one.. i owe you for your time. this way you don't feel like you're a loser for reading.. lol

and this one will actually go with the doodle.. *ahem*.. 

ohh, little birdie.
do you melt in my mouth?
yuck.. nevermind. *gross* O_o

here's a lil' doodle to go with my haiku..  i don't know why i like drawing lil' birdies..
i just do.  :)


Tiny said...

You make me happy too. I love your blog :)

tosha said...

dang, Tiny.. why can't this be Facebook so i can *like* your comment?? <3

Unknown said...

yo i like yo blog