Thursday, October 13, 2011


funky kinda day.. makes me wish i had an *off* button..
i'm sure i'm not the only one who goes thru stuff like this, but when i'm goin' thru it seems sOoo real.. & sOoo bleh.


sO.. i decided to put down a haiku for you.. maybe you can relate to my yuck.

a haiku.

i need control NOW.
but i'm a girl.. and moody. o_O
what's up with this yuck??
a lil' doodle.. she's a bit moody, eh? :)

okay.. so i'm no poet.. i'm aware of that. but aren't haikus 'spoze to make a girl feel cool?  lol..

i've been trying to learn guitar forever, too.. but i'm no guitarist either. sOo.. i'll just doodle guitar-playin' babes in the meantime..  *sigh*

feelin' better, by the way.. 
don't ever end the way you began - if it's sucky. ;) 

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