Monday, November 14, 2011

drastic times call for drastic measures..

i'm one of those *too* nice people..

it takes a LOT to get me to flip.. unless it's my j-boy #1 o_O

sOoo.. in times when i need to get my point across and people wanna act up, i'm thinkin' it might be a good idea to just morph on 'em & look like this

i look like this to my j-boy #1 when i'm angry..
i'm pretty sure.

just sayin'...

honestly though.. WHY is it that the people that are the closest to us feel the most of our fire & rage??  when i'm angry, i don't think twice about snappin' at my crew..

you don't start yellin' at people in the supermarket when they bump your cart, do you?  well, sum of y'all do.. i've seen you..  o_O

nevermind.. that's not my point.

& i *think* i kinda have the reason(s) why we treat family like doo doo..

it's cuz they're always around.  i mean, they're the ones who BREATHE your air.. even when you don't feel like sharing it..   AND you know they ain't goin' nowhere..

sO, it's almost like subconsciously we say to ourselves, "Self, now you KNOW he ain't goin' nowhere so you might as well go ahead & cuss him out!" even though you know you don't cuss..


just a lil' thought..  there's peace in my crib, but a picture is worth a thousand words..

or a penny for my thoughts?  or sumthin like that..  ;)

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