Sunday, November 6, 2011

feelin' yuck. caught a bug..

not that i wanted to. it was more like one flew in my throat & got stuck there.

i don't like bugs.


BUT.. in the meantime, i found sumthin fun i can do with my only girl..

she LOVES doin' her nails..  i've never really been into the whole manicure thing.

but if this idea works, my manicure attitude may just change..

i think this looks amaZingly purtyy..  <3

and the only way to REALLY find out if it works,
is to try it..  ;)

you can find the details here.. and here..

*UPDATE* watch a video on youtube for this or your hands will look JACKED up.  smh.
it's even too embarrassing to post a pic. lol


MaddiesMommy said...

I actually like these nails.

tosha said...

me, too!! can't wait to give a try again with my girl! sO much fun crackin' up w her when we failed big time.. lol