Friday, October 23, 2009


sO. i've ALWAYS wanted to learn to knit.. but so far i haven't found enough patience in me to go about such a tedious venture.. i've learned that u pearl one.. knit one.. i MIGHT know the difference between the two.. but the truth is, i think i enjoy seeing other people's projects!

i have a MILLION hobbies in my head.. i'm what one might call a "jack(y) of all crafts" but master of NONE. sucks. believe me, i know.. ugh.

anyway.. i'd still like to learn ONE day.. in the meantime, i'll enjoy other people's handiwork..


here are some tOtaLLY FUN knitting projects!

check 'em out!

or should i say, "graknitti"? haha!

don't you wanna go knit somebody's gas station..
imagine if this happened completely in
the middle of the night..
WAY better than toilet papering it!! LOL
and YES.. it's ALL knitted..

grandmas might knit sweaters, but cool people knit TREES!! =)
wanna see MORE..? click HERE..

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