Sunday, October 18, 2009


sO.. i got this issue of Lucky magazine a few weeks ago.. and just before deciding to toss it, i wanted to make sure that i had actually looked at the thing..

and i found this..

the only thing this girl needs.. is an afro! ;-)

i'm pretty sure that i was born in the wrong decade.. i should've been a teenager/young adult in the 60s/70s..

who wouldn't LOVE to have these aWeSoMe argyle tights.. and in EVERY color imaginable??

ok.. maybe it's just me.. maybe i'll get them.. and the dress.. and the turtleneck w/ the cutest button detailing on the sleeves.. ever.

i'm sucha girl! ... anyone wanna donate to my "cause"? LOL.. =)

you can see the whole "article" HERE...

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