Saturday, November 20, 2010

thank-full #2

i'm thankful for God's faithfulness!!

today is day 2 of my things i'm thankful for posts.

i do NOT do well if i'm overwhelmed.. at least not always.

lots of times i shut down.

a friend has "hired" me to make a party dress for her & i REALLY wanted to have it ready for her so that she could try it on tomorrow. so far, it's not even cut... and that sucks. *just a lil' bit*

it's 11:35 PM according to my clock at the moment.. and i really don't have the desire to go start cutting. *ugh*

it's all good.

sO, i'm thankful for God's faithfulness. 'cuz even we're not faithful, the Bible says that God STILL is.


& i'm thankful for HIS faithfulness!!
-on THAT note-
i'm gonna try my best tonight to get somewhere with this dress.. i've been challenged by the character of my Savior! if He is faithful.. & i'm supposed to be like HIM.. then i need to attempt to show a faithful character as well..

lesson learned!!
i love this life! :)

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