Friday, November 19, 2010


i decided JUST NOW that i HAVE to do a things i'm thankful for list!

as a matter of fact, i'm probably gunna start a THANKFUL THURSDAY!! Yay!

what a great way to be reminded that we shouldn't be selfish, self-centered bratty kids who throw tantrums over the littlest lack.



i'll do one thankful thing a day this week.. then on Thanksgiving, i'll try to make a top ten list.

this is already fun!! ^.^

(or maybe i'm just a dork.. O_o)

eh heh.

anyway. today, i'm thankful for thrift shops.

money is tight.
i'm ok with that.
the reality is that we all need to be okay with that..
it may just get worse.

but this post is NOT about tight money.. (HA! witty, right??)

i LOVE thrift shops. i think i'd be the ONLY millionaire shopping at 'em if i WAS a millionaire.

don't get excited. i'm NOT a millionaire. *honestly*

heh heh..

anyway... in being *thank-full* for thrift shops.
i SCORED big time today!!

i'm sO happy.

u see those FLY-girl shoes?? TEN bucks! LOL..

i don't buy second hand shoes. i think that's YUK. for VERY obvious reasons. i get *squeamish* in just goin' bowling.. O_o ick.


these are NEW shoes!!! i'm a happy girl. :)

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