Tuesday, December 14, 2010

random raves and rants..

i'm sO frugal. it's not funny. seriously. it's not.

hee hee..

i sO *heart* this website. the girl is CRAZY. she spends no money on her creativity. \

she's my idol..

but, wait.. the Bible says don't have idols.. sOoo.. she's my friend.

yea.. that's it.

okayyy.. sO i don't REALLY know her. but she's cool. so, if i refer to her as my friend, that means she has gained my approval. which is sumthin not to be taken lightly!


look at a few of her posts. good stuff.


the tree is done. i don't buy new ornaments. matter of fact, i barely buy anything new.. except for shoes. (used shoes?? EW GROSS..)

sO, i'm thinkin' tonight as i'm decorating the tree..
Q: WHY is it that i have the SAME lights that i had like 7 years ago...?
A: 'cuz it's friggin' *i nvrrr say friggin' btw..* awesomeee!!

Q: WHY is THAT friggin' awesomeee??
A: 'cuz it's friggin' frugal! LOL

WHY am i cracKin' myself up right about now?? LOL

yea, sO the tree is pretty cute. same Christmas stash, new look.. red, gold & good 'ol balsam green. i like her. :)

Q: WHY do people refer to Santa *which is Satan if u switch the letters around* Clause as magical??
A: i have NO idea.. but i went to the mall with my kiddos last week & the dude was holding lil' kids and LYING to them.

i am sO not a santa *satan* subscriber, supporter, or anything else.


because i grew up supporting the liar, i find songs about him quite enjoyable.

Q: does that make me an oxymoron?

A: shutchO mouf.

i can't wait until Christmas. ^.^


allisonpatricia said...

HEY GURL, TOSHA! HOW R YOU< LOVE YOUR BLOG, Yes I'm so not on the santa thing, but if you look up st. nicholas there's a story behind it I'm sure that started somewheres in church. Get it SAINT NICHOLAS SANTA CLAUS..if you say it really slow it sounds like saaaannnnickclaus, SANTA CLAUS! ok..LOL. that's the trivia for the day, so glad to see you on here. BYE.

Anonymous said...

This is your secret admirer, your blog lover, Church Friend and Hair buddy!
Decided to leave some love on here because Ya know you deserve it!
Can you guess who this is?
Or no D:!
-this had me cracken up
"shutchO mouf."