Monday, October 3, 2011

sweet slipper shopping.

i was sO totally doin' some VERY necessary slipper shopping online when i decided to check on etsy.

now anyone who knows etsy KNOWS that etsians are VERY much a people who want to make money, (you know.. greenbacks, cheddar, dough). heh heh...

in other words, they ain't sellin' no peanuts.  O_o

but i hafta say, i found some awesomely crafted stuff..

there are some eXtremeLy creative people in the world!

look at these..
super adorable. insane, actually. (but i can't give her my 50 bucks for 'em)
and these!! 

now she KNOWS if i'm not givin' the boot girl, my $50, 
i'm certainly not gonna give her $75 for some peas.  O_o
and these!! (for when i feel like being a happy elf)
but, for 65 bucks, would i really be THAT  happy???

and these for when my feet shrink..
a LOT.

obviously, as you can tell, i am the WORST person to shop with ever. i prefer not spending over 5 bucks for ANYthing. (cheapskate)& unfortunately, i tend to have funky, but expensive taste.. cuz people who think funky, also think *show me da money*

just kidding..

but just ask me for my paypal account info if you wanna donate to my slipper fund. :D

just kidding... lol 

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