Tuesday, October 4, 2011

u smell dat? o_O

before this past week, i would've been the first person to ask about ANY foreign smell.. people who know me well KNOW that i can smell people cookin' oatmeal in Siberia.

and yet.. i've burnt things this week.
dude.. all that brown is CHEESE. o_O

you know how people say frozen pizzas taste like cardboard..? well, they're wrong. they taste fine until you burn them.. then they taste like BURNT cardboard.

don't worry, i'm not proud of that. 


i'm tellin' you.. & this may sound craZy, but literally, when things are "done" i could smell the "doneness" before what happened two weeks ago..

and NOW. my sense of smell is BROKE. BUSTED. JACKED UP.


this isn't funny. i'm disturbed.

j-boy #1 says it's probably got sumthin to do with that good 'ol dentist maxillofacial surgeon visit i made not too long ago.. you can read about it here..

and yea.. i know what you're probably thinkin'

"here we go again!  girl, get over it!!"

but, you'd be bugged out too if all of a sudden part of you is not workin' right.. wouldn't you??

and you KNOW they say the ear, nose & throat are ALL connected.


we 'gone be eatin' sum burnt EVERYthing 'til i get this worked out.

God help me. & my nose.

maybe i'm overreacting, right..?

okay.. to be fair.

either it's the surgery OR me just getting too distracted writing to you about all of my drama..

hmm..  ;)

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Suri said...

That IS burnt!! dag 0_o lol!!