Thursday, November 3, 2011

christmas cards...

EVERY year or MOST every year, i make my Christmas cards..

it's fun.. AND i enjoy the personal touch that it adds.

i'd LOVE to receive handmade ANYthing, sOo.. why not give handmade, right?


anyway..  i've been told by people for years that i should *publish* a line of handmade greeting cards..


honestly, the idea intimidates me as well as makes me mentally constipated..

i can't think of a good idea to save my life!

not good.

but, i've been doodlin' a lil' bit here & there and i thought i'd share a quick lil' doodle with you..

another lil' birdie..  ;)
should i color my doodles??
i sure could use some input..
i'd love some feedback.. should i make greeting cards???

leave me a comment..  let. me. knowwwww..   <3


Suri said...

yes!!!! Make Christmas Cards for sure!!! On that one a little color would be nice but all the non color gives it like a vintage look so i like should color it then compare.

Clarissa Morales-Bejarano said...

i tried posting this last week but site didn't let me. def have to reply to say that you absolutely need to make the cards! i LOVE ur doodles. at first i thought u were taking them off the internet but now that i know... they're awesome! pls do and i'll certainly buy! let me know when they're available!