Tuesday, November 1, 2011

pirate OR ninja??

okay.. sO, we don't celebrate halloween..

no need to.

anyway, my j-boy #3 LOVES to play dress-up & he HAD to have a ninja costume.. and ANYbody in their right mind knows that halloween stuff sells for what it's REALLY worth the next day or two or three later..

(you get the point)

sOo.. we went costume shoppin' tonight.

at SEVERAL different places, we showed up & all they had were skeletons & jack-o-lantern buckets, so we ended up at the friendly FAMILY dollar. lol

they had ONE bootleg broke ninja wannabe costume.. and j-boy #3 was ecstatic!!  aren't we lucky..?  the ONLY one in HIS size..  o_O

peep the *church* shoes.. not to mention, the one j-boy got didn't look nearly as nice..
can sumbody say "bootleg"??

now you know if the name of the store is family dollar the clothes are shrinkin' before you even put 'em on... that joint HAD to be a size 2T.  j-boy #3 is a TALL 6 year old.

he didn't care.. he was gone' rock that thing anyway.. HOLES and all.. lol..

then, we decided to encourage him to return it.. (he bought it with his own money)

we went to Kmart a few minutes later & they had the REAL deal ninja costumes!

this stuff is SERIOUS. lol

i showed j-boy online, cuz this was all discovered when we got home... he didn't know how to act..

what baffles me is HOW are u gonna sell this stuff in good conscience?? you know it's flammable.  God forbid i smoked, j-boy would be melted into that thing right now.. & on top of that, falsely advertised.  the one j-boy bought was NOT the same thing in the pic above.. his has an Eddie Munster (remember him?) peak comin' into the forehead..  o_O  AND it was about half the size that it's labeled to be..

shame on you, family dollar. lol i learned my lesson.

tomorrow is returns day.. j-boy can't wait! :D

ninja *update*

kmart is WHACKKKKK!!  they're costumes are bootleg, too!!  the one in the pic was missing the belt for EVERY costume i found. which tells me that they're falsely advertising accessories.. the pic on the packaging had nunchuks.. sO, of course j-boy #3 was lookin' for 'em.. sOoo whack. 

i'm done. 

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