Monday, November 28, 2011

happy belated thanksgiving!!


that's all i got for you.


i've been sOo busy with what seems to be NOTHING. it's incredible. rest is sOo needful!!

sO, i'll run you through my busy weekend..

thursday - we had a GREAT hangout time with all kinds of wonderful people.. i LOVE our thanksgiving day dinners cuz it gives us an *excuse* to hang out with people we wouldn't normally spend time with. we ate a disgustingly hunormous amount of food. (yes, i said hunormous)

friday - rest. LOTS of rest. and crafting. did i ever tell you that some crafting sucks?  (yes, i said sucks.)
oh yea, and leftovers.

saturday - mO rest. mO and mO. felt good, too.. (yes, i said mO) oh yea.. and mO leftovers too..

sunday - rest, then church.. then a muppet movie. lots of GOOOD laffs. i recommend this movie.

best muppet movie. ever.

(yes, i said ever.)

oh yea.. there are STILL leftovers. O_o

i'm grateful, right?  i feel like if i see another piece of ham i'll vomit. but i am grateful. lol

so, yea.. happy belated thanksgiving.. heh hehh..  ;)

"i come in peace pieces..."

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