Tuesday, November 29, 2011

some craft projects are whack..

in REAL life.

they look all good on the inspirational websites and they don't tell you how annoying the whole process is gonna be.

this is an example of one of those whack projects..

yesterday i mentioned that some craft projects suck.
yea.. it's that SAME one that i started like FIVE days ago..
when i'm workin' on sumthin for that long, i wanna see BIG results. and each day this thing looked the SAME way.


it's not a complicated craft at all.. it's just ANNOYING. i didn't think crafting could be annoying..

this one proved me sOoo wrong.. o_O

that lil' bowl in the center took about FIVE days to make..  o_O
ALL that paper was left & i was DONE.
all you do is cut strips of magazine and wrap them up in a lil' wheel shape..

you know how most times when you start a project you can't WAIT to see the finished result so you work on it day & night?

not this one.. it's boring. lol

BUT.. there is one good side.. it's an eco-friendly craft project.. i saved at least .999999 % of the environment.. o_O


i painted it.. cuz i didn't like the way it looked with all the magazine writing.. it looked junky.

but then it looked lonely to me.. like it needed some shtuff. ;)

i think i need to podge it!  but for the record.. it's definitely NOT gettin' anymore magazine strips!

DON'T try this at home.. it'll drive you nuts. ;)

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